Saving Water

Over the past few years, Canberrans have done a great job with saving water. Since the introduction of water restrictions, we’ve saved over 198* gigalitres. That’s about the same amount of water we can currently store in our four dams. Of course, the restrictions have helped us save water, but so has our increased awareness of just how precious water is.

Now, although restrictions have been eased, we need to keep up the good work. We can’t afford to go back to the ‘old days’ when we would turn on a tap without thinking twice. Experts predict the climate is likely to be warmer and drier in the future, so when times are better, it pays to think ahead. For example, if you’re sprucing up the garden, choose water-wise plants that are suited to Canberra’s climate and if you’re replanting or starting a lawn, make sure you use drought-resistant grasses. This section of the website will give you lots of great tips, tools and ideas to help you save water for life.

*Total water saved from November 2002 to October 2010.

Know where your water is going


Grass Roots Turf and Irrigation Research Project

Icon Water’s Grass Roots Turf and Irrigation Research Project involved transforming a local Canberra primary school oval into a complex turf and irrigation monitoring site. Our results show how you can use up to 40% less when watering your lawn – which will also mean a saving on your water bill.

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