Water Saving Tips

Regardless of Canberra’s current water situation we should all avoid water wastage and continue to use water sustainably. There are some basic habits we can adopt in and outside of the home which will not only help the environment but also decrease your water bill.

Let’s continue to save water for life.
  • Water saving tips indoors

    How to use less inside

    Most of these tips are easy to adopt and will soon become life-long habits; and if we all change our daily habits we'll really make a difference. Don't forget that many of the measures you put in place at home can be used at school and work as well.

  • Water saving tips outdoors

    How to use less outside

    As a general rule, households in Canberra use about 40% of water in the garden. So this is where you can make big savings by being water-wise. There are lots of ways you can reduce the impact of the drought in your garden, while dramatically reducing the amount of water you use.