Water Restrictions Review

How should water restrictions look in the future?

The ACT currently has a four stage scheme of Water Restrictions which is put in place when water supplies are scarce and reductions in water use required. The scarcer our water supplies are, the higher the level of restrictions needed in order to help conserve the water in our dams. When water is plentiful, like now, and restrictions are not required, Water Conservation Measures are in place. These 'common sense rules' give us the flexibility to use water when we need to, but make sure water wastage (like hosing down driveways) is not permitted.

Icon Water has undertaken a review of these Water Restrictions and Water Conservation Measures to ensure they best suit the lifestyles and needs of Canberrans, while ensuring we still make water savings when needed. In early 2011 Icon Water sought the views and ideas of Canberra residents, businesses and industry through an online survey, community drop-in sessions and via the Water Conservation Office. We would like to thank those who contributed to the review, your feedback has informed the proposed amendments to the schemes and your views are reflected in our recommendations to the ACT Government. A robust legal and economic analyses of the proposed schemes was also undertaken.

Icon Water's review of Water Conservation Measures and Temporary Water Restrictions was finalised in early 2012, with a report submitted to Minister Simon Corbell MLA, Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development in July 2012.