Water use targets

Everyone's needs vary. The amount of water you use depends on your family circumstances, the kind of home you live in and even what you do for a living. That's why Icon Water doesn't allocate a specific amount of water to each home or each person.

We do set targets, though. There's a daily target for Canberra as a whole, which we then break down into a target for per person per day. The per person targets vary according to the stage of water restrictions we're in. They also vary by season, because we realise you usually need to use more in summer, less in winter.

Keeping the per person per day amount in mind is a good way to work out whether you're playing your part in looking after this precious resource. It's a figure to aim for and if you can beat it that's even better.

But remember, although you can use the target as a reference, you need to make sure that you still follow the water restrictions or conservation measures in place.

What is my Target?

Here’s what you should aim for, but remember, less is always better. Use this table as a reference throughout the year and then estimate how much you use.

Water use targets table 2013

How much do you use?

Check the Water Savings Calculator to estimate your current personal water use inside your home. It will also give you a rough idea where you might be able to save water each day.