The Great Shower Timer Experiment

We’ve challenged over 16,000 Gungahlin households to reduce their water use. 

How? By keeping showers to four minutes. 

We sent a free shower timer and some helpful tips to all our residential customers in the Gungahlin Intermediate Zone, which covers most of, but not all Gungahlin. Everyone in the Zone is supplied from the same water reservoirs – which means we can easily see how much water they use.

By comparing our shower timer households against the rest of Canberra, we can measure if these households are using less water.

How will they do? Will shorter showers make a difference?

Follow the results right here or on Twitter and Facebook. #4minuteshowers

Did you know?

40% of the water you use is in your bathroom.
15-20% of water used in your home is in the laundry?
A continuously running toilet can waste up to 96,000 litres of water a year.

Why did we choose Gungahlin?
Firstly, Gungahlin has been planned to use land efficiently and has smaller block sizes than in many older suburbs in the ACT. With less water use in the garden, we will see a bigger effect if people take shorter showers.
Secondly, most of Gungahlin sits in the Gungahlin Intermediate Zone. The zone is a part of Canberra’s water supply network that can be easily measured by monitoring the levels in Gungahlin reservoirs.


Would you like a shower timer too?

At the moment we are just testing them in Gungahlin but we might do a test in your suburb next. Follow us on our social media platforms to track the results.



  • I live in Gungahlin, why didn't I receive a timer?

    You may not be in the Gungahlin Intermediate Zone (it's to do with where your water comes from). That doesn’t mean you can’t save water – just sing along to a four minute song :) 
  • I broke my timer, can I get a replacement?

    Yes, just send us an email:
  • How can I track my own water use?

    Learn how to read your water meter and measure your water use (as well as check for leaks).