Weekly winners

Thank you everyone for participating in our water saving tips competition. Please see below some very useful water saving tips from our participants:

Week  -  5 - 12 January 2020

My super simple, cheap and effective water saving tip is DRIP SPIKES! Add a spike near the root of your plants in pots, attached a (recycled) plastic drink bottle, add some water and voila! Plants thrive as the roots are watered slowly with a low flow rate, and your water usage dwindles!
- Benjamin Von Schnitzelworth 

Other submitted water saving tips

1. If it's Yellow let it mellow...IF it's brown flush it down.
- Jamie Woodcock

2. Go out for the day! Turn off the water main if you have leaky taps.
- Sandra Rosa

3. When we refresh the dogs water we use the water still left in his bowl to water a plant at our front steps.
- Kathryn Jane Stephenson

4. When cooking, you only need enough water to submerge your vegetables. The same applies when having a bath.
- Matt Barrett

5. Shaving your legs in the shower wastes so much water! Using a bucket in your shower to collect water and using this for shaving is good but it saves more and is much funnier if you delay shaving them until hubby starts kindly offering to use the whipper snipper.
- Karen, Holt

6. Put a bucket in the shower while you're showering to catch water and use this to water the garden or your pot plants. It's surprising to see how quickly the bucket fills up and encourages you to finish your shower before it overflows!
- Rebecca, Charnwood

7. Continue to use a bucket in the shower but add in the 'teeth brushing' strategy of turning the tap on only to wet the hair/body and rinse off. Make sure the tap is turned off when you soap up or when you shampoo or condition the hair. The water in the bucket can then be used to flush the toilet.
- Natalie, Florey

8. I make sure my bench top dishwasher drains into a tub in the sink and then I use that water to flush the toilet (pour the bucket of water directly into the toilet bowl instead of pressing the flush button). No point using drinking water to flush when dirty water will do the same job and end up in the same place.
- Natalie, Florey


  • Week - 20 December - 5 January 2020

    Thank you everyone for participating in our water saving tips competition. Please see below some very useful water saving tips from our participants:

    Week  -  20 December - 5 January 2020

    Kicking it old school with a watering can for the garden! Not only do you get some exercise walking around, and some muscles but you become more water conscious of your water usage!
    - Stacey Borg

    Other submitted water saving tips

    1. After reading research on how important microbiome on our skin are, I no longer feel bad about not showering every day due to health issues. Scientists stated they stopped showering daily when learning the huge benefits microbiome provides us. One said he washes the parts that need it, at the sink until he needs a full shower. If everyone gave up st least one shower a week or even a month, that's a huge amount of water saved plus we get the added advantage of improved immune defence/function.
    - Debi Leeper

    2. I have so many water containers over my house to collect as many drips as possible. (Including the frozen things that come out of the freezer and defrost and drip) I only flush to toilet when needed and I also just mixed water storage crystals into all my potted plants and outdoor garden. I don’t use the ‘cooling’ function in my portable cooler so it uses no water. I only fill my kettle to 2 cups max when boiling, all boiled water on the stove is cooled and used as plant food in the garden (they love it) my lawn is brown and dead but it’s ok, the weeds still grow and feed the bees when they flower. I’ve grown tolerant plants - rosemary, lavender and butterfly bushes and geraniums etc that feed the bees and only like very little water. I challenge myself to take an even shorter shower when possible and I only use the washing machine on a full load.
    - Sam Ingham

    3. Share the bath water with the whole family, then bucket it out to flush the toilet or water the plants.
    - Lina Tse

    4. Stick a brick in your toilet cistern so it uses less water when it fills up
    - Pauly Ingham

    5. Change the kids bed sheets less frequently than once a week, oh and wash whites and darks... gasp... together!... don't tell my mum 
    - Vanessa Green Kates

    5. I always need to soak soiled baby clothes / nappies. I use the baby's used bathwater to fill the soaking pail.
    - Dominica, Latham

    6. Share the bath water with the whole family, then bucket it out to flush the toilet or water the plants. Water is precious for life!
    - Lina Ma, Ngunnawal

    7. Group potted plants together during summer so there is no wasted water when watering them and they provide shelter to each other so they need less water.
    - Tracey, Belconnen

  • Week 22 - 29 December 2019

    Week  -  22 - 29 December 2019

    We have plumbed our Evap Cooler water run off into our water tank, to use on our plants later on. Also as caravanners we have started washing our dishes in a tub to pour into the garden, or on a tree as we do when we caravan.
    - Roma, Amaroo

    Other submitted water saving tips

    1. When washing the car, use a sponge and bucket then rinse off using a watering can.
    - Catherine, Flynn

    2. Wash your car with a bucket of water instead of a running hose.
    - Christiana

  • Week 8 - 15 December 2019

    Week  -  8 - 15 December 2019

    Winning Tip

      Apart from collecting the first few litres of cool water when starting your shower, consider having a cold shower in summer to save electricity/gas as well - you will feel very refreshed. The main tip however is this; wet yourself then turn off the shower, lather up then rinse & repeat. There is no need to stand under a constantly running shower. You can very effectively clean yourself with around 5 - 6 litres of water. I've proved this time & again while out camping where we had to bring our own water & it's a great water saving method to use at home as well. After a few goes you will find you will get very good at it.
    - John, Rivett

    Other submitted water saving tips

    1. I use the families left over drink bottle water to water my indoor plants!
    - Kylie, Dunlop

    2. Wash your vegetables in a bucket/container – not under a running tap. Then tip that water out onto the garden. 
    - Catherine, Flynn

    3. The "if it's yellow let it mellow" is good, however for the males in the house, if you have a private & decent sized back yard consider "watering your trees", especially citrus. They will benefit from the liquid & the additional nutrients. Peter Cundall from Gardening Australia highly recommends this. If you don't have a private back yard you can pee into a container out of view of the neighbours & empty it onto the trees. I even know some ladies who do this & good on them - every drop counts.
    - John, Rivett

    4. Check pipes often and fix any leaks before they become a bigger leak.
    - Catherine, Flynn

    5. Use a broom or rake rather than a hose to clean driveways and hard surfaces,
    - Christiana

    6. Plant drought resistant garden plans, empty half full water bottles on to garden plants to reduce hose usage. When watering the garden use a trigger nozzle and use water saving tapware. 
    - Grace

  • Week 1 - 8 December 2019

    Week  -  1 - 8 December 2019

    Winning Tip

      During part changes of aquarium tanks, use the water for the potted plants. It saves water and fertilises the plants as well.
    - Michael, Palmerston

    Other submitted water saving tips

    1.Wash the car on the lawn, Add fertiliser to the fray. Grass will love the water and car will stink. Might keep the crooks away.

    2. Share a bath with your kids.
    - Suzie

    3. Water the garden and run through the sprinkler for a shower. Saves water and helps the garden which helps the bees.
    - Catherine, Flynn

    4. I have cored my grass and added in wetting agents and down to just one morning water per 2 weeks.
    - Nathan, Bonner

    5. Instead of rinsing every used utensil under a running tap after use I use a small container half filled with soapy water to place the dirty utensils in to soak. After dinner when I load the dishwasher I only need to shake the soaked utensils to get all the food stuffs off. The left over soapy water remaining in the container I then use to sponge the main bulk of left over food off the plates before loading into the dishwasher.
    - Sally, Latham

    6. I leave a container in the sink so when I rinse dishes etc. the water goes into that. Than I place on plants in the garden.
    - Sarah, Macgregor

    7. We’ve just bought our first house, but like some older houses, it’s not perfect, yet! To combat our dripping shower I put a bucket underneath and at night I tip it on the garden! It’s a basic solution but gosh it works!
    - Georgia, Wanniassa

    8. Invest in a egg timer for the shower, helps keep track of how long you’ve been in there.
    - Catherine, Flynn

    9. Brush your teeth outside while your watering your plants, this way any water falling out of your mouth will go on the grass or plants rather than down the sink. Clean teeth = green lawn/plants.
    - Sarah, Macgregor