Black specks in my water

Have you noticed black specs or particles in your drinking water? It’s almost certainly due to degrading of parts of your internal plumbing.

The particles are really distinctive, usually small (similar in size to cracked pepper), stick and smear on surfaces, and don’t dissolve in water. They often come and go without warning, and in very small amounts (although in extreme cases there can be bigger amounts). 

We’ve conducted extensive investigations which have shown these black specs are not caused by any issue or problem with the bigger water distribution network.

So what causes black specs in my water?

Black specs can be caused by a whole range of things, but particular culprits include flexible hose connections (often with a stainless steel braided outer layer) such as flick-mixers to kitchen sinks, and bathroom fittings such as toilets and basins.

Deteriorating washers inside toilet cisterns, tap washers, gaskets, O-rings and internal hot water system components can also cause black specs in your water.   

If you’re experiencing ‘black specks’ in your drinking water you should contact a licensed plumber to investigate. It could be difficult to locate because there are many potential sources and they may not all be readily accessible. We recommend that you sequentially and systematically document which taps are affected, and whether it occurs when you are using hot or cold water, to help the plumber locate the origin of the particles.