Environmental management

Icon Water has a range of environmental obligations, responsibilities and risks.   A team of professionals in the fields of environment, engineering and sustainability advise on environmental risks, compliance matters and environmental management associated with Icon Water’s planning, operations, maintenance and project delivery activities. 



  • Environmental Management System

    In order to achieve organisational objectives and support compliance with legal obligations including the Environmental Protection Act 1997 (ACT) and various environmental licence obligations, Icon Water operates under an Environmental Management System (EMS) compliant with the international standard AS/NZS 14001:2004. The EMS operates as a component of our broader Integrated Management System (IMS).  

    Find our Environment Management Policy for more information.

  • Environmental management plans

    Icon Water has developed Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) to identify, manage and mitigate environmental impacts related to the respective operations within our organisation.  The EMPs are reviewed and approved by the ACT Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and other relevant government agencies.

    Click to download our Murrumbidgee to Googong Water Transfer Operational EMP (OEMP)

  • Environmental approvals

    Ensuring that the correct approvals are in place prior to undertake maintenance or asset improvement works is critical to ensure that we remain compliant with relevant legislation and preserve our relationship with the ACT and NSW regulators.