Environmental protection

Managing leaks and spills

Our Emergencies, Faults and Outages page can be found here.

Whenever water or sewer mains burst, Icon Water responds to these incidents in a timely and proactive manner to minimise any harm to the environment and to retain precious water supplies.  Should notification to the environmental regulator be required, then these authorities will be notified. 

Icon Water has implemented two key programs to upgrade its infrastructure to prevent or, at least, minimise leaks and spills from the water or sewer systems.

  • Sewer Replacement Program
  • Water Meter Replacement Program

Preventing pollution

Icon Water is committed to minimising its impacts on the environment through pollution to air, land or water. 

When undertaking developments, Icon Water has a team of experts to liaise with and advise the projects team on measures that should be adopted to minimise pollution arising from these projects.

Icon Water’s team regularly liaise with ACT government officials such as the ACT Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and the ACT Water Resources Unit to advise them on how current projects are progressing and to inform them of upcoming projects.  This collaborative relationship with the ACT regulator means that Icon Water is being proactive in its prevention and management of pollution.

Protecting heritage

Icon Water is required to protect all items of heritage as prescribed under the ACT Heritage Act 2004.  We do this by ensuring that development or maintenance works are properly planned for and should we identify an unregistered item of heritage significance, we take appropriate steps to either avoid impacting these items or recover these items in accordance with the Act.

The Cotter

The Cotter catchment was a traditional dwelling point for Aboriginal people with an abundance of Aboriginal cultural history.  To ensure that the Cotter’s indigenous history was recorded for present and future generations, comprehensive heritage salvage and archival recording programs were undertaken when enlarging the Cotter Dam.

Aboriginal Heritage

A detailed collection of Aboriginal artefacts was conducted by Aboriginal representatives from the Ngunnawal and Ngarigo Aboriginal groups over the Cotter Dam construction and inundation site. Around 4,000 artefacts were collected ranging from stone cutting tools and axe heads to grinding stones. In addition, both Aboriginal and European artefact material including artworks, photography and films of the past and the present were recorded.

In August 2013 a Return to Country ceremony was conducted as the Aboriginal artefacts were placed in a carefully selected site overlooking a reach of the dam.

European Heritage

The cultural heritage of the Cotter River is celebrated through the Cotter Dam Discovery Trail, a 1.4 kilometre trail built to showcase the history and heritage of the area and its significance to the Canberra community as well as providing direct views of the Cotter Dam.

Cotter Dam Discovery Trail

Since opening in September 2010, the trail has received over 200,000 visitors and around 1,600 students participating in our education programs.