Protecting water supply

Protecting your drinking water catchments

As part of its operations to store and supply potable water, Icon Water is committed to ensuring that the catchments that feed the water storages are kept as healthy as possible.  Icon Water does this in a number of ways:

  • We work closely with the ACT Parks and Conservation Service (PCS) to minimise impacts on water quality within the Cotter Catchment and the Googong Reservoir
  • We support two key organisations to monitor water quality within the Murrumbidgee River and its tributaries – Cooma Waterwatch and Southern ACT Catchment Group (SACTCG).
  • We educate landholders, schools and the general community on the value of maintaining a healthy catchment so that the water that Icon Water’s customers ultimately drink is of the highest quality.

To read more about our catchments, click here.

Monitoring water quality

Ensuring that high quality water is delivered to our customers is a priority.  Our water is required to meet compliance under the ACT Public Health (Drinking Water) Code of Practice 2007 and the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 2011.

A comprehensive routine drinking water quality monitoring program verifies the water quality throughout our distribution network.  More than 5,000 routine water samples spanning the entire system from the catchments, to the service reservoirs, through to customer taps in 2012-13. 100% of samples taken from our customer’s taps were compliant with the guidelines. 

Find out more about our water quality monitoring activities here and read our Annual Drinking Water Quality Report which provides greater insight into our water treatment process and water quality results.