Raising staff awareness

Sustainability is being embraced across our business.  A number of campaigns help build a sustainable culture within our organisation.

Building staff awareness

Icon Water has a range of awareness campaigns to educate employees on how they can reduce their environmental footprint and be more sustainable by making changes both at home and at work.  There has been a focus on initiatives to reduce water, materials, electricity and waste as well as how to integrate sustainability throughout their projects.    Icon Water has the following mechanisms to build staff awareness and enhance a sustainable culture.

Environmental induction

All staff and contractors are required to undertake environmental training when they work for Icon Water.

Sustainability forum

An internal sustainability forum was established in December 2014 to drive sustainability programs across the business.

In the Know

Relevant sustainability related presentations are delivered to staff through our In the know staff awareness sessions.

The Flow

Sustainability articles are distributed via our weekly online internal publication ‘The Flow’.

Sustainable procurement

We are committed to embedding sustainable procurement across the business and a progam to ensure efficiencies and environmental, social, and economic outcomes are achieved is underway.