Water conservation and security

Water security major projects

In 2004, Icon Water set about planning for the security of the ACT’s water supply.  Four projects were identified and delivered by 2013 to help with securing this supply of water.  They were:

  • Enlarged Cotter Dam (ECD)
  • Murrumbidgee to Googong Water Transfer Project (M2G)
  • Design of a Demonstration Water Purification Plant
  • Tantangara Transfer

These projects can be viewed here.

When can I water?

To help the residents of Canberra and Queanbeyan conserve water, Icon Water encourage responsible water use.  This is facilitated through permanent and temporary water saving measures:

  • Permanent Water Conservation Measures
  • Temporary Water Restrictions

The permanent measures exist year round whilst the temporary water restrictions come into force when water levels become lower.  More information on how to save water is accessible from this section

To read more about these initiatives and to find out how you can save water, click here.

Water Storage Levels

Icon Water has a water storage capacity of approximately 278GL (278,000 ML) which is stored in 4 dams: Googong, Cotter, Corin and Bendora.   In comparison, Sydney Harbour holds 500GL of water.  So, when our storages are full, we have over ½ the volume of Sydney Harbour.

dam levels

Icon Water monitors its dam levels on a daily basis along with water consumption rates and weather related data.  This information is available here.