Sustainability management


  • What sustainability means to Icon Water

    Very simply sustainability at Icon Water is about:

    • Enriching our neighbourhood
    • Respecting resources
    • Caring for tomorrow.

    We strive to balance environmental, social and financial outcomes and have adapted the Brundtland Commission definition of sustainability for our organisation:

    Balancing financial health, environmental sustainability, cultural vitality and social responsibility to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability for future generations to meet their own needs.

  • Sustainability framework

    sustainability framework
  • Understanding your sustainability values – sustainability materiality process

    In 2013 we engaged with our customers and stakeholders via interviews and surveys as part of a sustainability materiality assessment, to find out which elements of sustainability are valued most by our customers, employees and stakeholders.   Using this knowledge about stakeholders’ values enabled us to shape the contents of our Sustainability Report and define our sustainability performance indicators so they focus on those elements of sustainability.  Icon Water was one of the first Australian organisations to adopt this approach.

    Materiality summary report found here

  • Sustainability report

    Icon Water produced its inaugural Sustainability Report in February 2014 ‘Sustaining the Capital Region’s Water – Sustainability Performance Report 2013’.  The report helps to demonstrate Icon Water’s progress and showcases our sustainability achievements across the ACT community and corporately.  Found here.

  • Sustainability performance indicators

    Icon Water’s sustainability performance is measured by a number of sustainability indicators in the Icon Water 2014-15 Sustainability Snapshot.

    These indicators were defined from the sustainability materiality assessment undertaken to establish which elements of sustainability were of most importance to our customers, employees and stakeholders and align with our organisational sustainability and business objectives.