The Cotter Dam Education Kit

Welcome to the Cotter Dam Education Kit. The kit was developed during the enlargement of the Cotter Reservoir in 2010. It is designed to allow school students in the ACT to learn about the significance of the Cotter River as a primary source of drinking water for the ACT region.

The twelve curriculum units and associated resources in the Cotter Dam Education Kit are designed for primary and secondary school students and teachers. The curriculum units in the Cotter Dam Education Kit have been realigned with the content of the Science and History learning areas developed in Phase 1 of the Australian Curriculum. To see the realignment documents please click on the Curriculum units.

Provided below are the elements of the Cotter Dam Education Kit available for you to download.

Pre-reading material

Curriculum units


Maps and diagrams

Work sheets

Toolbox posters

Image gallery

Resource List

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