Sewage Reuse Projects

The following projects treat sewage for reuse in the irrigation of parks, playing fields and golf courses. No recycled water enters the ACT's drinking water supply.

North Canberra Water Reuse Scheme

The NCWRS scheme began as a pilot in 1972 and was commissioned on a large scale in 2004. It now delivers recycled water for irrigation to seven sites totalling 70 hectares across North Canberra.

Lower Molonglo Water Quality Control Centre (LMWQCC) effluent reuse scheme

A proportion of the sewage treated at LMWQCC is supplied to nearby vineyards (100 hectares) and golf course (30 hectares) for irrigation.

Southwell Park Watermining® Project

A small treatment plant at Southwell Park in Lyneham was supplying recycled water for irrigation of 10 hectares of sporting fields. This process is known as Watermining®. This facility is no longer in use.