Water Education

Icon Water offers free guided tours, education sessions and online resources for you to learn about our water supply and the treatment process and to learn about Canberra’s urban water cycle. Find out how to take care of our vital water supply catchment dams and sewerage network. Along with onsite tours of some of our amazing water and sewerage assets, we can also come to you for education sessions. 
  • Guided Tours

    Click here to find out more about Icon Water’s Guided tours and incursions.
  • Education resources

    These resources support teachers of students from Kindergarten to Year 10, Wonders of the Water - include a comprehensive suite of education units and resources developed by teachers for the Cotter Dam Enlargement project.
  • Learn all about Canberra's water and sewerage system

    The urban water cycle details the long journey of a drop of water from when it is collected for use in an urban community to when it is returned to the natural water cycle.