Guided tours

** To minimise the spread of COVID-19, all guided tours and education sessions to our operational sites will be postponed from Monday 16 March to May 2020 until otherwise notified. **

Learn how we deliver some of Australia’s best water and treat your sewage! 

Icon Water offers free guided tours for you to learn about our amazing journey through the ACT’s water and sewerage assets, our water supply and treatment processes.

Tours and education sessions are ran 3 days a week, subject to guide availability and site operation requirements. Tour times available weekdays between 9:30am and 4.30 pm.

Tour Details

We can arrange tours of our sites for students, community groups, and industry delegates alike. All you need to do is organise your own transport. The Cotter Dam Discovery Tour is great learning opportunity for primary students to tertiary. The treatment plants tours are suitable for students Year 7- tertiary groups.

Student groups require a supervisor, teacher or lecturer to join the tour.  Our tours take roughly 1 hour. Group sizes are up to 30 people on site, although we can arrange consecutive tours for larger groups depending on availability.  

Visitors under the age of 16 require full supervision on site. 
The following student / adult ratios must be observed during your visit. 

• 1 adult per 15 students at GWTP and STWP
• 1 adult per 12 students at LMWQCC

School Education Sessions

Along with onsite tours of learning about the amazing journey through the ACT’s water and sewerage assets, we can also come to you for education sessions or presentations. These sessions are tailored for your audience in your classroom to learn about Canberra’s Water supply and network and treatment process bringing essential and valued services to the ACT region.

Join us!

To book one of our exciting tours or an education sessions please fill in the appropriate form below:

The Community Engagement Officer will be in touch to finalise and confirm your booking.
Contact talk to us on 02 6248 3111 (select option 3) or email

Cotter Dam Discovery Trail

The Cotter Dam Discovery Trail is a 1.4km trail* along the beautiful Cotter River to see the awe-inspiring Cotter Dam from an amphitheatre style viewing platform. This tour will teach you about Canberra’s water history and supply network, local environment, the complex engineering involved with the Enlarged Cotter Dam Project, as well as the Indigenous and European heritage in the area. 

Visitor Requirements

Minimum of 10 - Maximum 50 participants per tour. Tours are approx. 50 mins. 
Suitable for primary (Grades 1-6), secondary and tertiary groups. 
Multiple tours can be arranged for large groups and classes over 50 participants. Alternative activities are provided for teachers.
* The trail is stroller friendly and is suitable for wheelchair-assisted access.

Mount Stromlo Water Treatment Plant



Mount Stromlo Water Treatment Plant (WTP) is located at the top of scenic Mount Stromlo. The plant can treat up to 250 million litres a day of raw water which is gravity fed from Bendora Dam or pumped from the Cotter Dam in the pristine Cotter catchment.

This tour will teach you about Canberra’s and Queanbeyan’s water supply, and how we treat and deliver some of Australia’s best water. 

Visitor Requirements

Minimum of 10 - Maximum 30 participants on site per tour. Tours are approx. 50 mins. 
Suitable for secondary (Yr. 7-12) and tertiary students.
Participants require an adequate level of fitness to navigate the treatment plant sites, which includes stairs, uneven terrain, narrow paths and steep inclines. 

Googong Dam and Googong Water Treatment Plant