Crace Odour Control Project

The new works described below will be constructed on the north western side of the intersection between the Barton Highway and William Slim/ Gundaroo Drive. The existing Belconnen Trunk Sewer (BTS) is currently ventilated through a vent (including fan) located at this site. This infrastructure is known as 1GUN and is shown in Figure 1; located immediately adjacent to Ginninderra Creek. This infrastructure has reached the end of its asset life and requires replacement.


Figure 1: Existing 1GUN

The purpose of the new works is to replace the existing foul air system (1GUN) with a new system that has a taller vent to facilitate more effective odour dispersion. This in turn will protect the existing sewerage infrastructure and reduce odour complaints from residents.

The scope of the new works is summarised as the construction of:

Stage 1:

  • approximately 420m of 675mm diameter pipework that connects the existing BTS to the new fan house and to the new vent structure;
  • a new vent stack that rises 18m above the natural surface and is located up Percival Hill.

Stage 2:

  • a new fan house located adjacent to Ginninderra Creek and vehicle turnaround area;
  • a permanent access track from the Barton Highway to this structure;
  • power supply and communications.

Construction of Stage 1 is due to commence in May 2019 with Stage 2 due to occur in 2019/2020. Icon Water will keep our community informed on the status of these works.

crace odour control project

Figure 2: Proposed Location of New Vent Stack