Disinfection system upgrade at Mt Stromlo and Googong


Icon Water will this year, commence a major capital investment into both of Canberra’s water treatment plants which will see the upgrade of their disinfection systems – installing new chlorine gas disinfection systems—for the water supply for the ACT and the region.

The project will see the replacement of the current disinfection equipment at the two water treatment plants –Mt Stromlo Water Treatment Plant, and Googong Water Treatment Plant. The upgrade will install the most advanced technologies that are available for drinking water supply. Global leader in water technology, Evoqua Water Technologies have been engaged as design and construct contractors to lead the project.

When will project start?

The project is currently in design phase, with construction expected to start later in 2016.

How much will the project cost?

The estimated project costs currently being finalised and completion date is November 2017.

Why do we need this?

The project is an important one for Icon Water and will go a long way to enhancing both safety and technology aspects at the plants, and will provide major benefits in the operations of each of the plant.  

Why does Icon Water need to keep investing in its infrastructure?

Canberra’s drinking water is the best in Australia but it’s not the best by accident.

We are continually investing in our technology, our network and plants to make sure we are meeting the stringent drinking water quality requirements that our community expects.

Our customers are extremely satisfied and we need to continue to invest in our plants and infrastructure to ensure we keep it that way.

What does the project involve?

The project will renew all mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control equipment associated with the dosing of chlorine at both plants.

The upgrades will importantly provide the opportunity for us to contemporise the systems at both plants to ensure they are safer and easier to operate.


The new chlorine system will have the added safety benefit of being “gas offtake” instead of the existing “liquid offtake” which effectively decreases the consequences of a chlorine leak and will reduce the potential exposure to chlorine of Icon Water staff and contractors, which is important.

Most of the existing equipment was originally installed around 20 years ago and Evoqua will replace the complete chlorination system at both sites, from drum storage, all the way to the chlorine dosing sparges. 

Technical aspects of the job

The project includes two multiple 3000B vacuum regulators and drum manifolds, V2030 fully automated chlorinators with SFC controllers and 2 inch PVC variable throat injectors – which are all part of the Wallace & Tiernan® product family.

Auxiliary systems include HMI control panels, three way lifting cranes, HVAC systems, booster pump systems, and other equipment essential for the safe operation of the treatment plants.

About Evoqua Water Technologies

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