North Weston Odour Control Project


The MVIS is a 2m diameter sewer that transports a significant amount of Canberra’s sewage loading (2/3) to Lower Molonglo Water Quality Control Centre; Population and density growth means that we need to continue to retrofit the existing infrastructure to ensure it can take the load; not be impacted by corrosion; and not cause odour issues.

The purpose of the project is to remove foul air from the existing sewerage infrastructure - the Molonglo Valley Interceptor Sewer - and disperse it to the atmosphere.  This will protect the existing infrastructure and reduce odour complaints from residents.

The scope of the new works is summarised as the construction of:

Stage 1:

  • 450m of 1200mm diameter pipework from the existing offtake structure to a new fan house
  • 70m of 1200mm diameter pipework from the new fan house to a new vent stack
  • a new vent stack that rises 14m above the natural surface
  • a 1600m x 20m corridor for a new power supply to the fan house.

Stage 2:

  • a new offtake structure on the existing trunk sewer (MVIS)
  • a new fan house located on Ryan’s Hill
  • a new 1600m long high voltage overhead power supply installed along this corridor.

Recently construction of Stage 1 has been successfully completed with the MVIS Bridge (Clos Crossing) now accessible. Stage 2 will commence late 2017 and it is expected to have minimal impact to the public.  We will keep our community informed of when Stage 2 will commence and the timing of these works.

Below: Clos Crossing re-opened to our community.


Below: The Molonglo Valley Interceptor Sewer carries about two thirds of Canberra's sewage load to the Lower Molonglo Valley Control Centre.