Climate change

Icon Water acknowledges that Canberra is at risk from climate change and we are already seeing some of the effects of climate change in our area. This includes rising temperatures, changes to rainfall patterns, more extreme fire weather and extension of the fire season.  

We understand the urgency to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change and support the ACT Government’s Climate Change Strategy and declaration of a climate emergency.  

In 2016 in association with the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) we assisted in the development of the climate change adaptation guidelines

We utilised these guidelines to produce a practical Climate Change Adaptation Plan for our business. Download a summary of that plan here

Our goal is to further build our resilience to existing and future climate change impacts in the ACT region while minimising disruptions to essential service delivery.  

This plan builds on existing resilience programs. For instance, Icon Water has taken significant steps to secure the region’s water supply against future drier conditions, including the risks to water security arising from drought. These have been addressed through the completion of major water security projects which have increased Canberra’s overall storage capacity by 35 per cent. 

We all need to be water wise and use only what we need, while caring for our environment to build our resilience to climate change. 

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