Water Storage Levels

We aim to update the water storage data once a week. This timing may fluctuate because, before publishing, our distribution engineers need to verify that the information from both our dams and the Bureau of Meteorology is accurate. Please contact us if you are experiencing any issues or have feedback.

ACT and Queanbeyan Dam Storage Levels
04 December 2023

GL=Gigalitres. The Murrumbidgee to Googong transfer supplements Googong dam levels.

Daily water consumption for the ACT and Queanbeyan over the last month

Monthly rainfall – previous 12 months comparison with average

Treatment Plant in use

Combined storage levels over 12 Months

Historical storage levels


Introducing the enlarged Cotter Dam into our total dam storage capacity means that our total volume has increased from 207GL to 278GL. Previous total storage capacity was around 65% of our new maximum level. For consistency our calculation method is now aligned to that used by the Bureau of Meteorology which counts the volume above the minimum intake level. The enlarged Cotter Dam gives us 76.2GL of usable volume, however in extreme situations it is possible to access the remaining 3.2GL of storage when necessary. Icon Water's other dams have revised total capacities of:
Corin 70.8GL
Bendora 11.4GL and
Googong 119.4GL

Restriction LevelStart DateEnd Date
Stage 1Dec 2002Apr 2003
Stage 2Apr 2003Sep 2003
Stage 3Oct 2003Feb 2004
Stage 2Mar 2004Aug 2004
Stage 3Sep 2004Feb 2005
Stage 2Mar 2005Oct 2005
PWCMNov 2005Oct 2006
Stage 2Nov 2006Dec 2006
Stage 3Dec 2006Aug 2010
Stage 2Sep 2010Oct 2010
Enhanced PWCMNov 2010Current

* Previous capacity refers to total combined storage levels before the completion of the new Cotter Dam. The new Dam was built downstream of the old and increased the total water storage capacity by approximately 35%.

Annual water consumption for the ACT and Queanbeyan over the last 10 years

For additional information go to Bureau of Meteorology.