Water Usage

Service lines (pipes), branching from mains pipes, transport water into your home. A water meter, normally be found in your front or back yard, measures the amount of water used by your household. The service line into your home branches into smaller pipes, which transport water to each of the taps in your house. One of these branches will go to the hot water service in your home, where the water is heated and then piped to all of the hot water taps.

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To meet the recommendations of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (2011) and the Drinking Water Code of Practice (2007) we also test our water where is it used most - your taps! We conduct a continual and comprehensive water quality monitoring program across our supply and distribution systems and use this data to ensure water quality.

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Used water goes down your drains and enters the wastewater network where it flows into the sewerage system. It is important to ensure that only the right things are entering the wastewater network.

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