Temporary arrangements at Mitchell office

Icon Water is committed to maintaining essential services to our customers. Due to the current situation and the need to prioritise the health and safety of our staff and the community, we have made some changes to our service offerings including suspending all face-to-face interactions at the Icon Water Mitchell Office for the next 14 days.

To minimise disruption to you or your business, alternative arrangements have been made, where possible, for the following services:

Issuing you a new water meter

Email your request to MeterApplications@iconwater.com.au and your water meter/s will be delivered to your nominated site within 4 days.

  • Scan or photograph and attach the ACT Government Certificate of Compliance and make sure all information on the form is completed. Please ensure that all required fields are populated clearly, including your contact number.

  • You will receive an email that requires you to confirm that you will install the water meter within 14 days of receiving it. This email confirmation will temporarily be accepted in lieu of you signing the Icon Water Meter Issue form.

  •  Once your application is processed you will receive a phone call from us to arrange a time to deliver the water meter/s to your nominated site.

Requesting a new standpipe is suspended

If you have an urgent need, email standpipe.water@iconwater.com.au and we will assess your request.

Exchanging or returning a standpipe

Email your request to standpipe.water@iconwater.com.au and you will receive a phone call from us to arrange a time to exchange or pick-up the standpipe.

Paying a water and sewerage account

We are no longer taking payment in person of your water and sewerage account at the Mitchell Office. The following electronic alternatives remain available to you:

  • Online: Pay securely at iconwater.com.au.

  • Direct debit: Visit iconwater.com.au/myaccount to arrange regular automatic payments.

  • Phone: Call 1300 30 90 99 to pay by Visa or Mastercard.

  • BPay: Contact your bank or financial institution to make this payment from your cheque, savings, debit, credit card or transaction account.  Your billpay code and reference number are found on the back of your account.

  • Post billpay: Go to postbillpay.com.au. Your Post billpay code and reference number are found on the back of your account.

Paying for hydraulic works

We are also not accepting payment of your quotation for hydraulic works at the Mitchell Office. Electronic funds transfer (EFT) is available and the bank account details are found on the bottom left corner of the invoice. Once you have paid, please email your bank remittance advice to quotations@iconwater.com.au and the works will be scheduled following the normal process.

Talk to us

If you do not have a direct service contact or case manager to call, you can talk to us during business hours on (02) 6248 3111 (option 3) to discuss your current situation. If your enquiry relates to a fault or emergency please choose option 1 to connect with our dedicated 24/7 team.