Hydration Girl

'Stay hydrated with tap water'

Canberra’s water supply

Icon Water’s water supply is one of the best in Australia. 

Canberra’s water mostly comes from the Cotter River. When it rains or snows in the mountains it runs into the Cotter River where it’s captured in three dams – Corin, Bendora and Cotter. We also draw water from Googong Dam near Queanbeyan.

Water from these catchments are treated at either Mt Stromlo Water Treatment Plant or Googong Water Treatment Plant before going to the network of 3,300km of water pipes to supply to our taps in our homes, business and schools.

Drink tap water 

Be bottle wise – fill and reuse your water bottle.

As the supplier of what is often considered the best tap water in Australia, Hydration Girl wants to remind the Canberra community that just by carrying your own water bottle, and refilling it at one of the public water refill stations located around the city or workplace, you can save your own money and help save our environment.

Drinking tap water is much better for the environment as it comes from our catchment to your tap and does not require packaging. Single use disposable plastic (PET) bottles end up in land fill at best, and scatter over our country and in our lakes and rivers at worst.

Key facts

Drinking tap water is better for your health, your wallet and the environment.

Bottled water can cost more than $3.00 a litre, whereas Icon Water is typically less than $0.03 a litre. Australians spend over $500m per annum on bottled water and this continues to grow every year.

It is expected that bottled water sales will soon overtake sales of carbonated (fizzy) drinks.

Disposable plastic bottles require significant amounts of fossil fuels to manufacture and transport.

It takes up to seven litres of water to produce just one litre of bottled water.