Community Support Program

Welcome to the Icon Water Community Support Program, we are so happy to be opening this program again this year. We proudly support local and focus on grassroots community, not–for-profit and charitable organisations. 
This program runs annually following the financial year.

The Community Support Program has three categories:

  • Community Sectors
  • Community Inclusion 
  • Affiliated Industry including environmentally sustainable projects

This year we have 10 community sporting packages, each package includes $3,000 and a sports drink bottle pack for teams.

From 1 March 2021 through to 30 April 2021 the Community Support Program will be open to applicants to apply for sponsorship. Your application will be assessed in May and sponsorship will commence in July 2021.
All applicants will be notified.

Apply for sponsorship button

Please see our guidelines for further information and eligibility.

What Icon Water will not sponsor
Organisations and activities that will not be considered under the Community Support Program at Icon Water include:

  • Those with potential negative environmental impacts
  • Those that could offend sections of the community
  • Those with potential to have negative public health and safety outcomes
  • Registered political parties or political fundraisers
  • Organisations that have a conflict of interest, eg bottled water providers, or water filter companies