How to operate a standpipe

Failure to adhere to these directions at all times could result in burst water mains and leave the standpipe user liable for Icon Water's mains repair costs and consequential damages from others.

Ensure that the top of the hydrant mushroom is clear of all dirt, gravel, etc., before attaching the Standpipe. Ensure that the Standpipe has a serviceable sealing washer fitted to its base.

When screwing in the Standpipe in a clockwise direction, make sure it is screwed up firmly.

Operate the opening handle slowly in a clockwise direction no more than two and a half (2 and ½) turns after contacting the hydrant mushroom. Flow from the hydrant should always be increased or decreased slowly.

Only turn the swivel head of the Standpipe in a clockwise direction (The Standpipe may be screwed out of the hydrant lugs of the swivel head is turned anti-clockwise allowing the hydrant to slam closed if water is flowing).

If the hydrant mushroom jams open, NEVER remove the Standpipe. Contact Icon Water on the telephone numbers below to have the hydrant safely shut down. Removing the Standpipe while the hydrant has water flowing will cause sudden closure of the hydrant, resulting in a water hammer pressure surge and possible burst mains.

In the event of any problems operating Icon Water hydrants, contact Icon Water for advice immediately. Do not try to overcome problems yourself.

Please report any minor difficulties (e.g. hydrants that continue to leak after the Standpipe has been removed) promptly to Icon Water so the necessary repair or maintenance work can be arranged.

Contact telephone number for Icon Water 24-hour emergency assistance – 02 6248 3111 (opt "1").

Use of standpipes

The contractor must use only metered standpipes supplied to it by Icon Water on hydrants connected to the Icon Water network water mains. This means that the standpipe may not be used in Queanbeyan, NSW, or anywhere else outside the A.C.T.

The standpipe must not be left unattended whilst fixed to the hydrant and must be protected from damage at all times.

The Contractor must on the last business day of each week read the meter and then fill out the Reading Sheet and make it available to Icon Water when requested. Replacement Reading Sheets are available from Icon Water.

The Contractor acknowledges that it is responsible for ensuring that the meter attached to the standpipe is working and records water usage during the hire period. If the Contractor becomes aware that the meter is not working correctly, it must notify Icon Water by the close of business on the next business day to arrange for a replacement standpipe. If the Contractor fails to notify Icon Water in accordance with this clause, Icon Water is entitled to terminate this agreement and to deny the Contractor the right to draw water from the Icon Water network water main.

Contact telephone number for Icon Water 24-hour emergency assistance – 02 6248 3111 (opt "1").