Relocate or alter a service

Moving your meter

If you require your water meter to be relocated, the following rules apply:

  • Meters should be no more than one metre inside the front boundary.
  • Meters cannot be raised or lowered by more than one metre.
  • If you need to move your meter less than 1.5 metres to the left or right or vertically less than one metre of the current position, Icon Water will complete all plumbing works including works on the house side of the meter. 
  • If you need to move your meter more than 1.5 metres to the left or right of the current position, a new connection to the main is required and the existing connection to the main will be disconnected. In this instance a licenced plumber will need to complete all plumbing works on the house side of the meter once your plans have been approved by Icon Water
  • Water meters must be installed according to Icon Water’s Water Supply and Sewerage Standards.

Download the Relocation of a water meter brochure

Altering the height of a manhole

If you wish to alter a manhole, you must apply for permission from Icon Water. Only Icon Water are authorised to work on ACT water and sewer networks. Manholes provide service access at regular intervals along the main sewerage pipes and where there is a high risk of blockages — often where the pipe changes direction, slope, size or level. They usually occur every 50 to 150 metres along a main pipe.

Altering a manhole 

When undertaking building, landscaping or development activities, you may wish to alter the height of a manhole. You should be aware that not all assets can be altered.

Icon Water must consider the height and demands of the surrounding network before we can issue approval to have a manhole or other utility asset altered.

It is your responsibility to ensure that:

  • sewer manholes and other utility assets do not become obstructed over time or due to any works undertaken
  • a 1 metre clearance in all directions is maintained around manholes or other water or sewer surface fittings (this includes permanent structures like fences, retaining walls and landscaping as well as temporary structures or objects like pot plants)
  • if you change the ground level, it does not result in stormwater run-off or pooling of water around surface fittings
  • manholes or other surface fittings that are located within your driveway or paving are flush with the surface of the pavement, accessible to Icon Water at all times and adequately protected.

Requesting an alteration

Manhole below ground rep

To request an assessment and quote to have a manhole or other water and wastewater asset altered, complete the form below or contact our hydraulics team on 02 6248 3111.

If approved, work will be undertaken at the applicant's expense.

Download Brochure: Relocation of a water meter

Download Form: Request a quotation for hydraulic works