Yellow lock-out tags for new water service connections

To reinforce our stance regarding backflow compliance and unlawful, unmetered water abstraction, we have introduced a lockable notification tag-out system for new developments. 

The highly visible yellow identification tags are attached to the locking lugs of 20mm service isolation ball valves. These lugs align when the valve is in the off position meaning the tag physically inhibits operation and can only be destructively removed.*

The purpose of this system is to:

Deter Unauthorised Access

Locking tags act as a visual and physical barrier against unauthorised operation of the water meter isolation valve.*

Provide Notification and Education
These tags have been laser etched with a message outlining the requirement to have a meter installed prior to water abstraction and a QR code that directs to our meter application page for more information.

*Only licensed plumbers with approval to install our water meters can remove the tag (during installation).