Adjustment for residential undetected leak

If you have experienced an undetected water leak at your residential property, you may be eligible for a one-off adjustment of your water consumption charges.

Undetected leak adjustment 

The residential undetected leak adjustment is based on the increase in water usage over the previous year’s corresponding period(s), up to a maximum of $2500. Any remaining increase in water usage will be recalculated at the Tier 1 tariff. The adjustment will display as a separate line item on your invoice as “Undetected leak adjustment”.

Definition of an undetected leak

The leak is unable to be detected by visible inspection and may require the assistance of a licensed plumber to locate. There is no visible sign of water loss and therefore the leak could not have been reasonably detected by the customer prior to Icon Water issuing an account.


To be eligible for the undetected leak adjustment, applications must meet and address the criteria as outlined in the Application for Residential Undetected Leak Adjustment form. In addition to this signed application form, we require the following supporting documentation:

A statement and/or invoice from your Licensed Plumber detailing the date the leak was found and subsequently repaired;

How the leak was detected;

The nature and location of the leak; and

Where the water was escaping to.


Click here to access the Residential Undetected Leak Adjustment application form. 

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