Pricing and your Customer Contract

The Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission (ICRC) sets ACT water and sewerage prices, with any changes taking place from 1 July each year.  

From 1 July 2022, water and sewerage prices have been adjusted to account for the Consumer Price Index (CPI), market factors, and government charges.

For a typical household that uses 200 kilolitres of water per year, the 2022–23 pricing equals to a 2.2% decrease to their combined water and sewerage bill, which roughly equals an additional 50 cents less per week.

To find out more about how our prices are set visit Our Pricing

What does your money go towards? 

Icon Water provides essential water and sewerage services that support the growth and prosperity of the Canberra region. Our core infrastructure and services include providing a secure water supply, high quality drinking water and environmentally sustainable water treatment. 

Your bill helps Icon Water operate and maintain assets worth over $2.6 billion, comprising the ACT’s network of dams, water and sewerage treatment plants, reservoirs, pumping stations, mains and more. It also helps us plan and build for the future, ensuring we can support the region with essential water and sewerage services. 

We support the growing Capital region and supply high quality bulk water supplies to Queanbeyan community. Importantly, we respect our role in protecting the environment. We have Australia’s largest inland sewage treatment plant, treating to the highest standard so that environmental flows can be returned to the Murrumbidgee River system. 


Non-Drinking Water Standard Customer Contract                           

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