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Education Sessions

Our goal is to help local students understand and care for the ACT’s water and wastewater resources. Our education program offers free online educational materials and live digital webinar sessions. This content teaches students how we deliver some of Australia’s best water to your tap and treat the wastewater from your home and school!   

Sessions are tailored for year level and class curriculum with outcomes through presentations and activities for students to learn about Canberra’s water supply network and treatment processes. In your classroom session or digital webinars, we encourage class questions to help you learn how Icon Water supplies essential water utility services to the ACT community.  

  • The ACT Urban Water Cycle - Catchment Model - (Grades 2–8)

Learn all about the amazing journey of water within the ACT. Our catchment model showcases Canberra’s water cycle, water supply and sewage network. This session teaches your students all about where our water resources come from and the water treatment process. They’ll also learn about best practice for water conservation and the sustainable use of water in our community.

  • Water Treatment Processes (Secondary Year 7-12) 

Book a live digital webinar to learn about the cyclical journey water takes to, and from, the Cotter and Queanbeyan River catchments. Learn all about how the ACT’s process of separations ensures we have high quality drinking water on tap every day. Find out about the physical, biological and chemical processes that the Lower Molonglo Water Quality Control Centre undertakes to guarantee our sewage is cleaned so only high-quality effluent is returned to the Murrumbidgee River.

  • ACT wastewater journey– Where does it flow once you flush the loo? 

Find out where it all flows to next once you pull the bathroom plug or flush the loo. Learn how you can help Free the Poo and what you can do to keep Canberra’s wastewater network healthy. This journey covers the physical, biological and chemical treatment processes that our sewage plant Lower Molonglo Water Quality Control Centre, undertakes daily to ensure our wastewater is cleaned to a high-quality effluent that can be reused and returned to the Murrumbidgee River. 

To assist with planning your session, please review our digital education session factsheet.

To support your session, check out our curriculum relevant education resources and activities to download. You can also watch our Education TV and Questions from Kids videos. 

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Want to register for one of our education sessions?

To book one of our engaging in-class or digital education sessions, please complete a booking request using the button below. Once requested, the Community Engagement Officer will be in touch to finalise and confirm your booking.  
We require any booking to be made at least two weeks in advance. Please note that all sessions are subject to site operational requirements and staff availability.  

Education sessions are free for all schools, and community groups, within the ACT and Queanbeyan. Education sessions are tailored for audiences according to curriculum outcomes. Sessions run for 30 minutes, and can be hosted through school channels. Multiple class sessions are encouraged with in-class bookings. 

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You can also contact us by dialling 02 6248 3111 and selecting option 3. Or by emailing: