Questions from kids

Does your class have a question for Icon Water?

Icon Water Education invites ACT and Queanbeyan Primary and Secondary students to submit a video with a question to ask our fabulous operational and field-staff.  We want to know your inquisitive questions to help students learn more about what Icon Water does each day in providing Canberra and the region with essential supply of water and sewage services.  

Teachers email us directly at with your students written or video questions.  You can choose for us to respond to your questions in a video or in writing to read out to your class. Our Icon Water education team will also be available to answer your questions in our education session via live webinars. 

Remember, if you choose to submit a video question, make sure your students have media permission granted by a parent or guardian. 

Download the information fact sheet on how to get involved here.

Our Sewerage Network

  • Emma from Bonner asked us, 'Why is it important to save water and how can we be water wise?'

  • Tiise from Hughes asked us, 'Where Does All the Stuff Go When We Flush the Toilet?'

  • Charlie from Hackett asked us, 'How does Icon Water Manage the Smell in the Sewage?'

  • Aalyiah from Hughes asked us, 'What Can and What Can't Go Down the Toilet?'

Our Dams

  • Rosa from Lyneham asked us, 'What is a dam?'

Our Water

  • Adrian from Melba asked us, ‘How does water get from the dams to the taps in our houses?’


  • Skyla from Melba asked us, ‘how do we treat drinking water?'.


Check out the ACT Water Cycle to find out more about where our water comes from. 

Why do water pipes burst and how do we fix them?

  • Amelia from Coombs asked us, 'How do the water mains burst?'.