Enlarged Cotter Dam

Icon Water is committed to providing a safe, secure and sustainable water supply for the people of the ACT and region. The enlargement of the Cotter Dam will play a key role in helping secure the water supply for the ACT and surrounding region in the future, allowing us to deal with frequent, longer and more severe droughts without having to endure high-level water restrictions for extended periods.

Enlarging the Cotter Dam involves building a new 80 metre high dam approximately 100 metres downstream of the existing Cotter Dam, as well as two substantial earth embankment dams adjacent to the main dam. Works associated with upgrading recreational facilities within the Cotter precinct including Casuarina Sands and Cotter Avenue, in addition to a new walking trail and public viewing platform, also form a part of the suite of works associated with this significant infrastructure project. The new dam has a capacity of 76 gigalitres (GL), nearly 20 times its original size, and the new reservoir will increase the ACT Water storage capacity by 35%.

The Cotter Dam project received the endorsement of the ACT Government in 2007 and a detailed planning period, including the development of an Environmental Impact Statement, commenced. Copies of the approval documents for the dam can be found by clicking here.

Construction of the dam commenced in November 2009 and was completed in October 2013. Visit our latest YouTube page to see the latest video on the dam.

For further information about the Cotter Dam enlargement phone Icon Water on 02 6248 3111 or email talktous@iconwater.com.au