Curriculum units

These curriculum units were developed in collaboration with education consultants and teachers for use across multiple subject areas, aligned with the ACT Curriculum framework. The units focus on the Cotter Precinct in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

There are twelve curriculum units in this kit and they fall under the following three strands:

  • Sustaining water for life: protecting the environment
  • Securing water for life: engineering and water supply
  • Saving water for life: people and place.

In addition to these curriculum units, specific resources are available to assist teachers with the in-school learning components of the units. Teachers are encouraged to go on a site visit to the Cotter Dam Discovery Trail, which Icon Water has provided for visitors to see the new enlarged Cotter Dam and learn about the unique features of the Cotter Precinct, its history, and its significance to the development of Australia’s national capital.

Icon Water would like to acknowledge the following people for their contribution to these materials:

  • Maureen Bartle, Education Consultant
  • Penny George, Teacher and curriculum co-author
  • Stacey Griffiths, Teacher and curriculum co-author
  • Catherine Moore, Teacher and curriculum co-author
  • Matthew Browning, Teacher and curriculum co-author
  • Jill Buscombe, Teacher and curriculum co-author
  • Jane Allen, Teacher and curriculum co-author
  • Adam Chad, Teacher and curriculum co-author
  • Ray Hezkial, Enlarged Cotter Dam Project Manager
  • Maurice Bell, Bulk Water Alliance Programme Delivery Manager
  • Ellen Samuels (nee Schwab), Enlarged Cotter Dam Education Manager
  • Tsuey Cham, Enlarged Cotter Dam Education Manager