Climate change

We understand the risk climate change poses to the Canberra community. Our region is already seeing some of the negative effects, including: rising temperatures, shifting rainfall patterns, more extreme fire weather and an extension of the fire season. 

Our organisation acknowledges the ACT Government’s declaration of a climate emergency by supporting their climate change strategy. As a first step towards positive change, we have partnered with other water utilities and become a member of the United Nation’s Race to Zero campaign. Major milestones within our sustainability journey include: 

  • In 2020, we produced a practical Climate Change Adaptation Plan for our business. It lays out our strategy to enhance resilience against existing, and future, impacts of climate change while minimising disruptions to our essential services. 
  • In 2021, at the COP26 Climate Change Conference, we formally announced our commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2045. 
  • In 2022, we developed our eMission Possible Plan, which showcases our commitment to achieving net zero emissions. It highlights how we will continue to decarbonise our operations.

We have also taken significant steps towards securing our region’s water supply against future drier conditions. This incorporates risks to water security arising from drought. These steps include the completion of major water security projects which have increased Canberra’s overall storage capacity by 35%.  
We need to come together as a community to build resilience towards climate change. Be water wise by only using what you need. 

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