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Pillar hydrant maintenance

Pillar hydrants

Pillar hydrants in heritage-listed areas are typically protected street furniture forming part of the heritage aesthetic, including:
•    Wakefield Gardens Housing Precinct (Ainslie)
•    Corroborree Park Housing Precinct (Ainslie)
•    Braddon Housing Precinct
•    Reid Housing Precinct
•    Barton
•    Kingston
•    Forrest
•    Red Hill

Maintenance of pillar hydrants

For those members of the public wanting to care for the pillar hydrant on the verge at their property in heritage precincts, please find below information to make sure you care for these assets appropriately.

The original paint colours are Signal Red and Sign White, with operational components unpainted to allow function for firefighting response. A primer undercoat with rust treatment/prevention may be applied as a base layer.

pillar hydrant maintenance