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Price Proposal 2023-28

Our 2023–28 price proposal outlines our priorities and the resources that are needed to provide Canberra with clean, safe drinking water and reliable wastewater services for the next five years. It also considers other factors like the age of the city’s infrastructure (many assets were built in the 1960s and 1970s), Canberra’s growing population and the effects of climate change.

The ACT’s independent economic regulator – the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission (the Commission) – will review our price proposal. As part of this process, the Commission will decide how much Icon Water customers pay for water and wastewater services.

Our 2023–28 price proposal has been informed by community feedback and the involvement of more than 17,500 people in Canberra who participated in our Let’s Talk Water and Wastewater engagement program.

We have carefully planned our investments for the next five years to ensure we continue to meet your expectations for service quality, while keeping bill impacts to a minimum over the longer term. We have also been very conscious to maintain our focus on planning for long-term water security and levels of service. 

Revised price proposal (December 2022)

This executive summary provides a concise summary of our response to the Commission’s draft decision, and includes our revised 2023–28 price proposal.

More detailed and technical information on key elements of our response and revised price proposal is set out in 3 attachments. 

Original price proposal (June 2022)

This overview document provides a concise and accessible summary of our 2023–28 price proposal.

More detailed and technical information on key elements of Icon Water’s proposal is set out in 13 attachments, and three models. The attachments provide the information required to enable full scrutiny by the Commission to determine prices for the 2023–28 regulatory period.