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What is a wet wipe?




What is a wet wipe?


If it’s ‘flushable’, 
why can’t I flush it?



Wet wipes are moistened pieces of paper, or fabric, that can be used in the kitchen, bathroom or for general sanitisation. These wipes are often infused with water and cleansing agents, many of which are alcohol-based.


Wet wipes are an excellent way to make sure you’re clean after going to the toilet. Baby wipes are a prime example of wet wipes being used for good hygiene. People make the mistake, however, of thinking that wet wipes are just like toilet paper. Most wipes have more in common with dryer sheets than toilet paper!


Many wet wipe brands label themselves ‘flushable’ but putting these bits of cloth down the toilet can cause serious issues for your plumbing!


Wet wipes can be labelled ‘flushable’ because they will make it past the S-bend in your toilet. This can be confusing, just because something can make it through the S-bend doesn’t mean it won’t block your pipes.


Wet wipes simply don’t break down. Every single wipe that enters our pipes needs to be manually removed. As wet wipes travel through the sewerage network they can mix, or attach, to stuff in the pipes. These are usually other things that don’t belong down our drains like grease, oils, ping pong balls and tree roots. It’s these encounters that lead to the creation of fatbergs, massive blockages that can occur anywhere from your internal plumbing to our treatment plant.


Wet wipes have a serious effect on both the health of our pipes and your internal plumbing. If you put it down your loo, you’ll be swimming in your poo!