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What is the 'Change of Ownership' item on my bill?

‘Change of Ownership’ is a balance brought forward from the previous account holder, in other words; water usage or supply charges not yet paid for.

It is important to note that ‘Change of Ownership’ isn’t a fee, it is a usage (or consumption) charge.

As the change of property ownership usually occurs in the middle of a billing period, calculations are required just before settlement to determine what the old owner needs to pay – this is commonly completed by a conveyancing solicitor. Any further supply and consumption charges are then transferred to the new account when the Icon Water billing data base is updated.

Just bought a new home? 

If you have just bought a new home and see that a ‘Change of Ownership’ charge appears on your bill:

  • Be aware it can take up to 3 months for Icon Water to receive the name change. A new bill for your consumption may have been issued to the old owner and transferred across to you.
  • Check the dates on the back of your bill. The change of ownership will be for charges accrued since settlement through to the meter reading/supply charge dates on your bill. 
  • If the amount seems to be larger than expected, confirm with your solicitor the usage component from the last owner has been paid.
  • If you are still concerned, give us a call to talk through any payments and dates on your bill.

Changed the name of the account holder? 

If you have changed the account from a spouse or a change of last name then a new account is set up in our system and the old one is closed for record keeping. Any remaining balance from the old account is brought over to the new account including any mid-cycle usage under the previous account. 

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