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Theft and fraud

Icon Water takes all reports of theft or fraud very seriously. If you make a report to us you can be assured that your privacy will be protected.

Water theft

Water theft and interference with Icon Water’s network are serious offences. Theft of water by tampering with or bypassing water meters not only costs Icon Water each year, but also imposes costs on each and every paying customer. It is unlawful to: 

  • use an unauthorised connection to connect to our water supply 
  • use an unmetered water supply without our approval 
  • remove the locking pin on a locked and tagged water pipe 
  • use a fire service for anything other than testing, a fire drill or fighting a fire 
  • tamper with a meter 
  • remove a meter
  • bypass a meter
  • steal a meter or standpipe

If you know of someone who may be stealing water or has undertaken one of the dot points above, you should report it to us immediately. You can do this by:

Fraud and scams

While infrequent, there are occasions where some individuals may take advantage of unsuspecting customers. Make sure you know what precautions to take to protect yourself against face-to-face, telephone and email scams.

Icon Water will never request face-to-face payment for a service or seek to conduct work inside a house.

Icon Water reminds residents not to allow entry onto their property by anyone claiming to be an Icon Water employee or contractor without seeing their Icon Water photographic identification.

Under the Utilities Act, Icon Water staff and contractors must always attempt to identify themselves to a resident before entering their property by showing their identity card. Icon Water employees are required to knock on the door of the property in an effort to identify themselves to someone at the premises. This involves showing their identity card and explaining their reason for needing access to the property. If someone claiming to be an Icon Water employee or contractor cannot produce this identification, do not let them enter your property.

The exception to this is if staff is responding to an emergency, reading a meter or checking the accuracy of a meter. Even so, in these circumstances if a resident asks for identification, Icon Water staff and contractors are required to identify themselves with their Icon Water photographic identification.

If a person is claiming to be an Icon Water employee or contractor and cannot produce their photographic identification card, or if they are behaving suspiciously, residents are urged to contact ACT Policing on 131 444 and also let us know on 02 6248 3111 (option 3).

Icon Water will not request payment for a service over the phone.

Should you receive a telephone call from someone claiming to be from Icon Water that you consider to be suspicious, you can check the authenticity of the call by contacting us on 02 6248 3111 (option 3).

Icon Water will never ask for your account or payment details via email.

If you receive an email asking for your account details or an email directing you to a webpage where you are asked to enter your Icon Water account or banking information, you should follow these steps:

If any suspicious activity is confirmed, we will report the incident to the police for further investigation. This may require you to provide further information.

For further information on how to stay safe from hoax emails and online scams visit Stay Smart Online — a federal government initiative.