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Make sure you keep a one metre clearance zone around assets to provide enough space for us to  maintain our infrastructure safely and efficiently.

Assets around my home

Water meter

Every household has a water meter on the property that is usually in the front yard close to your property boundary line.

The meter measures the number of litres of water used in your house and garden. Your meter also has an isolation valve that turns the household water supply off during maintenance or in an emergency.

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Overflow relief gullies (ORGs) - what are they and why they are important?

ORGs are an essential part of your sanitary drainage system. ORGs provide a point of release to prevent sewage from overflowing into your home if a blockage occurs downstream in the sewerage network.

ORGs are required to be 150mm below the lowest internal fixture outlet or floor waste.

Your insurer may not honour your claim if your sanitary drainage is non-compliant to the Australian Standards.

ORGs are often obstructed, glued in place or the ground level has been altered to accommodate landscaping, paving or the installation of decks and are incorrectly used to drain stormwater. These modifications can compromise the effectiveness of your sanitary drainage system and make your ORGs ineffective, increasing the risk of sewage entering your home.

Water hydrants or fire hydrants

There are two types of water hydrants (more commonly known as fire hydrants) used in Canberra – above ground hydrants and in ground hydrants - and it’s possible that you have one on your property.

If you do have a hydrant on your property, it is very important that you keep at least a one meter clearance zone – this can include plants, structures, paving, and even temporary objects (such as cars parked over or too close). This clearance zone could one day save your home or your neighbours home. 

Sewer maintenance hole

Sewer maintenance holes are usually a large circular lid at ground level. If you have a maintenance hole on your property, keep it free of obstruction and safe to access. This will help if there is ever a blockage in the sewer network around your property.

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Sewer riser, boundary riser or inspection shaft

The boundary riser is located where your internal plumbing connects to our sewer and could be anywhere within a couple of meters from your fence line. Maintain safe access to the property boundary riser (also known as an inspection shaft). We require a one (1) metre clearance around the boundary riser.

Locating assets and easements on your block

The Dial Before You Dig service can assist you in identifying and locating all utility infrastructure within your property. 

Make sure you keep a one (1) metre clearance zone around assets, eg. water meter, sewerage maintenance holes and inspection shafts. This is to provide adequate space for us to conduct operations or maintenance of our infrastructure safely and efficiently.


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