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M2G and Williamsdale Road Causeway updates

Murrumbidgee to Googong Water Transfer (M2G) Updates

Planned maintenance to the M2G network will be undertaken on the following dates:

19/02/2024 to 25/03/2024

Click here for more information about the M2G.

Water Level Gauge at Williamsdale Road Causeway
Icon Water is committed to meet our water security obligations for the Queanbeyan and Canberra communities with regard to operation of the M2G. Under the NSW Conditions of Approval for the M2G, Icon Water must not transfer water when Burra Creek flows are above a one in two year flood level (1,830 ML/day).

Given a road causeway is designed to be used only during low flows, to help inform the local community we have installed and maintain a level sensor at the Williamsdale Road causeway at Burra Creek with data publicly available to inform transport arrangements so that people can take alternative routes when the causeway is inundated (both during natural flows and natural flows with additional M2G flows).

Click here** to get general information on water levels at Burra Creek causeway at Williamsdale Road, NSW. 


** Please note the time indicated on the charts are in AEST.