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Standpipes and hydrants

Hire a standpipe

Please read through the Standpipe Hire Terms carefully as they are the basis on which the standpipe is hired. Any breach of these terms and conditions may result in the standpipe hire arrangement being terminated.

Standpipe sizes available

  • 32mm, for general use.
  • 65mm, can only be used to fill water tankers.

For a list of fees associated with relocating a water meter visit our pricing page.

Your responsibilities

  • Submit the Standpipe Hire Request and we will contact you to confirm collection.
  • Standpipes are collected from the Icon Water office, 12 Hoskins St Mitchell
  • You must ensure that the standpipe is in good working condition, which means properly stored, cleaned and handled. If the standpipe is damaged or stolen you will be charged a fee as set out in Schedule 1 of the Standpipe Hire Terms.
  • You must operate your standpipe in accordance with current water restriction requirements.
  • Meter readings must be submitted by the beginning of each financial year quarter – you will be prompted with an email/SMS.  
  • Standpipes and tankers must be presented for inspection as requested.
  • Accounts must be paid by the due date.
  • When you no longer require your standpipe, it must be returned to the Icon Water office at Mitchell. a final meter reading will be then be taken and your contract will be closed. You will receive your final account shortly thereafter.