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What is a sanitary product?
What do we mean when we say ‘sanitary product’? The answer may surprise you!
Flushable facts
Have you ever flushed a sanitary product? How about your friends and family? Click here to see Canberra’s flushing habits!
Downloadable resources
Interested in helping us free the poo? We’ve got a collection of free resources for your platforms. Grab them here


What is a wet wipe? Free the Poo game Where does my poo go?
Wet wipes are excellent for personal hygiene, but never belong down your toilet. Why can’t they be flushed? Find out more. Run, jump and slide your way through Canberra's sewer with our video game, but move quickly! If you take too long we're in for a brown surprise. Play it here. When the toilet flushes your poo begins an exciting adventure through Canberra's wastewater network. Check out our coming to discover what's waiting for them on the other side. See more.
Gallery of Gross What can I flush? Blockage Busters






Our Blockage Busters deal with some of the nastiest stuff you could imagine. Our gallery gives you a glimpse into their world. Jump inside. We find some weird stuff in Canberra's wastewater network. It raises the question, what should go down the toilet? Ready to find out? When something other than the three P's is flushed down the loo our Blockage Busters are the ones wading knee deep to collect it.See them in action.
Free the Poo records How big are our pipes? Flushable products standard


 big pipes


 flushable standard tile


Had a chance to hear our music? Head to Free the Poo records to rock like a poo. Get your groove on! Just how small are the pipes in your home? What about the broader wastewater network? Click here to find out. Other than the 3 P’s, what’s safe to flush? Click here to learn more about Australia’s flushable products standard.