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water meter

Move your meter, new connection or disconnection

If you require your water meter to be relocated, the following rules apply:

  • Meters must be at least one metre inside of the front boundary line of the property.
  • Meters can not be raised or lowered by more than one metre.
  • If you need to move your meter less than 1.5 metres to the left or right or vertically less than one metre of the current position, Icon Water will complete all plumbing works including works on the house side of the meter. 
  • If you need to move your meter more than 1.5 metres to the left or right of the current position, a new connection to the main is required and the existing connection to the main will be disconnected. In this instance a licenced plumber will need to complete all plumbing works on the house side of the meter once your plans have been approved by Icon Water
  • Water meters must be installed according to Icon Water’s Water Supply and Sewerage Standards.

Download the Relocation of a water meter brochure

To organise the connection of a new meter to your property, or temporary disconnection of services, complete the form by clicking the button below or contact our hydraulics team on 02 6248 3111.

To permanently disconnect or remove additional water services only

All properties adjacent to our distributions water mains (e.g. those in your street) must be connected to the pipeline. This ensures compliance with both our company’s standards and any applicable laws in the ACT.

If you require the permanent disconnection of any additional water services to your property (and not a relocation), the following steps must be taken, in this order:

1. You need to engage a suitable consultant for the removal of the water service. 
Please note, we are unable to advise or provide guidance on suitable consultants.

2. You will then need to advise this consultant to acquire an external service plan and a minor works submission. Please refer to the following documents:
Compliance information sheet and Hydraulic Works application.

3. Your consultant should then submit the design to for approval.

4. Once the design is approved, you’ll need to hire a private contractor to complete the works (as per the accepted design).
Please note, we are unable to advise or provide guidance on suitable contractors.

5. Before completing any works, your contractor needs to get in contact with us to request a quote for hydraulic work.

6. Once the quote has been accepted, and paid for, we will schedule work to disconnect the service.

7. Following the service’s disconnection your contractor should remove any remaining customer pipework. They should then restore the local area to pre-existing conditions.