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Icon Water water supply and sewerage standards

  • The Water Supply and Sewerage Standards (WSSS) are now based on WSAA codes: WSA-02 Gravity Sewerage Code of Australia, WSA-03 Water Supply Code of Australia, and WSA-04 Sewage Pumping Station Code of Australia.  The Icon Water Supplements to WSA-02 and WSA-03 are available for download via the web-links below and these supplements take precedence over the individual codes.  Icon Water’s supplement to WSA-04 will be made available to the relevant parties (e.g. designers and constructors) who are providing sewage pumping stations for Icon Water when the need arises.  Even though we have published supplements, designers and constructors will still need to be familiar with each individual code and these can be purchased directly from the WSAA website online store
  • ** Updated 2024 ** NARROW TERRACE BLOCK: New drawing for Water and Sewerage services for narrow terrace blocks (Block with maximum width of 7.5m) has been published and is now available in the set of Icon Water Drawings.
  • Starting August 2023, Icon Water requires 100% CCTV inspections for all newly constructed sewer mains, in addition to adhering to other requirements outlined in section 21 of the supplement to the gravity sewer code. It's essential to recognise that any failure to provide complete and accurate CCTV information and reports (based on the WSA 05 requirements) for newly constructed assets will lead to delays in both the project completion and the acceptance of the asset.

STD-SPE-G-011 Supplement to WSA 02-2014-3.2 – Gravity Sewerage Code of Australia
STD-SPE-G-012 Supplement to WSA 03-2011-3.2 – Water Supply Code of Australia
Deviation from Standards
Deviation from Standards - Checklist and form

  • Developers (and their nominated agents such as consulting engineers and constructors) are required to comply with the requirements of Icon Water’s new Asset Creation and Acceptance Process document.  This document describes the process for interacting with Icon Water depending upon the nature of the development proposed.  This document in-conjunction with the Water and Sewerage Service and Installation Rules provides overarching compliance details which describes design and construction requirements (as well as network protection requirements) associated with Icon Water assets.  These documents can be downloaded below and the accompanying forms can be downloaded under the “Forms” dropdown menu at the bottom of this webpage. 

STD-SPE-G-019 Asset Creation and Acceptance Process

Water and Sewerage Service and Installation Rules


  • Plumbers and drainers whose scope of works is limited to the installation of water meters and consumer premises plumbing from the property connection (aka “tie”) point do not need to purchase WSAA codes or refer to the Icon Water WSA 02 and WSA 03 supplements. Instead, we have published a small specification for this purposes and this is available for download via the web-link below:

STD-SPE-M-006 Requirements for Property Service Connections and Water Meters
Approved Product List for Sub-metering Arrangement

  • A set of standard drawings (aka “the SD Series”) as well as additional specifications compliment the documents listed above.  Compliance with these drawings and specifications is also a mandatory requirement when designing and constructing water supply and sewerage assets for Icon Water.  These drawings and specifications can be downloaded via the dropdown menus at the bottom of this webpage.


As part of the asset creation and acceptance process (Ref:  STD-SPE-G-019 Developer Provided Assets – Water Supply and Sewerage – Asset Creation and Acceptance Process) various forms are required to be submitted by developers (or their authorised agent) for different projects (e.g. Minor Works, Major Works) and at different stages of a project. The forms can be downloaded using the web-links below.  Note:  As at 2 July 2018, the forms with “ACAP” in their title have replaced Icon Water’s previous “WSSS” forms. The Bill of Quantities forms remain unchanged.


As part of the asset creation and acceptance process (Ref:  STD-SPE-G-019 Developer Provided Assets – Water Supply and Sewerage – Asset Creation and Acceptance Process) developers (or their authorised agent) are required to comply with WSA 02 Gravity Sewerage Code of Australia and WSA 03 Water Supply Code of Australia as amended by Icon Water in supplements STD-SPE-G-011 and 012 respectively.  In addition to these codes and supplements, the specifications listed below are also required to be complied with as well as any another project specific documentation issued by Icon Water.  Additional specifications (not shown here) also exist for projects deemed to be “Major Works – Complex” or for projects executed directly for Icon Water by parties who have a contract with Icon Water.  Such specifications will be issued prior to design commencement, or at the time of tendering or the award of contract as applicable.


As of 30 August 2019, Icon Water has amended and added to the existing suite of SD Series drawings. The complete set of “SD Series” drawings can be downloaded via the individual PDF file shown below.  Developers, and their authorised agents are required to comply with the new “SD Series” of drawings as part of the asset creation and acceptance process (Ref: STD-SPE-G-019 Developer Provided Assets – Water Supply and Sewerage – Asset Creation and Acceptance Process).  Designers and Constructors executing projects via a contract with Icon Water are also required to comply with these drawings as well as any others issued as part of the project specific documentation package.

Designers should note the difference between drawings with a “-C” suffix versus a “-D” suffix, as well as noting the check marks in the drawing title block (“Asset Area Applicability”):

  • “-C” means that the drawing shows minimum mandatory requirements that must be complied with.  However, a designer cannot reference a “-C” drawing in an “Issued For Tender” or “Issued For Construction” set.  The Designer must only use a “-C” drawing to produce a drawing (or drawings) that are sufficiently detailed for constructors to tender on and build to.
  • “-D” means that the drawing has been completed similar to a reputable engineering consultant’s level of detail as part of an “Issued For Construction” set of drawings.  The designer is free to reference an Icon Water “-D” drawing in their design set and they do not need to redraw such a drawing.  This leads to lower costs for developers and for Icon Water.  Designers must use a “-D” drawing wherever applicable if one exists as Icon Water wants to standardise safety, operability and maintainability outcomes for the general public, contractors and the Icon Water operations and maintenance workforce.

A check mark in the title block against a three letter abbreviation indicates that the drawing is applicable to that asset area.  For example:  SEW = Sewerage Network, WAT = Water Network, SPS = Sewage Pumping Station, WPS = Water Pumping Station.  If a check  mark is not shown against a particular asset area, it cannot be used for that asset area unless written approval is obtained from Icon Water.

* New Drawings: Narrow Terrace Block

Icon Water SD Series Drawings – Amendment 1 – Issued 30 Aug 2019

Approved products list


For the product to be considered for the approved products list, please complete the product approval application checklist and email it with all necessary documentation to both and

See APPENDIX A – PRODUCT APPROVAL GUIDELINES in STD-SPE-G-006 Approved Products List. All applications for product and material approval should be directed to the Icon Water Engineering Services Team:

Att: Engineering Services Team
Icon Water Ltd
GPO Box 366
Canberra ACT 2601