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Questions about my bill

You may be able to find the answer to your question below, if not please talk to us on 6248 3111 (option 2), submit an online enquiry or send us an email


What are the access requirements to my water meter?

You must make sure our employees, contractors and agents have unhindered access to read, test, replace or repair the meter. It is also important to ensure vegetation and landscaping does not hinder access. 

To allow our staff to provide an accurate bill based on your actual usage, you must do the following: 

  • Keep the water meter box and protective lid in good condition. 
  • Keep a one (1) meter clearance around your water meter. You must ensure vegetation and landscaping does not hinder access for reading or maintenance.
  • Provide unhindered access to the water meter for reading and maintenance. You may also install an Icon Water lock if the meter is located behind a gate or door.

Doing the above will also lower the chance that we will have to estimate your usage. 

If there are any challenges with providing clear access to the water meter, please dial 6248 3111 and select option 2 so we can discuss a long-term solution. 

When can my account be estimated?

Wherever possible we prefer to bill our customers based on actual consumption and true reads rather than estimates. However, accounts may be estimated in instances where a meter is obstructed and our meter readers are unable to obtain a reading.

Obstruction can be caused by landscaping, locked gates, and heavy lids that do not meet safety standards. There are some cases where guard dogs prevent our readers safely accessing meters to obtain readings.

In rare cases we may estimate consumption if a meter has stopped recording consumption and is not functioning correctly.

Estimates will generally be based on the same period from a previous year. Once a true reading has been obtained, if we find that we have under or over estimated your usage you will see an adjustment on the following invoice.

What can I do to avoid account estimates?

It is important that customers keep all Icon Water assets free from obstruction to ensure safe and clear access for our workers and meter readers. 

Keeping a water meter clear from obstruction has additional benefits of ensuring you can monitor your usage between quarterly reads and isolate water supply for internal plumbing work such as fixing a leaking tap, irrigation system or toilet.

In what circumstances can you backdate charges?

If we find we have undercharged you, we may adjust your account to collect the amount you were undercharged. Provided that you did not contribute to the undercharging occurring (e.g.  by restricting access to our water meter), we will backdate charges for a maximum of 12 months.

Where charges have been backdated for a specific period we will offer the same amount of time for payment (e.g. where charges are backed nine months, we will offer nine months to complete payment).

Fixtures are a component of the sewerage supply charge. What is a Billable Fixture?

For information about flushing fixtures please refer to our Flushing Fixtures page.

How do you calculate my water consumption?

Icon Water reads your meter every three months. The litres recorded (in kL) on your meter between two meter reading dates is the total billable water consumption for that quarter.

The total water consumption may be split between two different charges depending on how much water you use on average per day for the period. The tier 1 rate is charged for any usage up to 0.548kL per day, and tier 2 is charged for all remaining usage.
Let’s calculate this using the water consumption charges from our webpage invoice example:

We first need to know if there will be any water charged at the tier 2 rate. We do this by working out the average daily usage in the billing period. If the average daily usage is higher than the tier 1 allocation of 0.548kL per day, we know that some water will be charged at tier 2. If the average daily usage is less than 0.548kL, all water is charged at tier 1.

- The billing period is 90 days
- Total water used is 172kL
- 172kL/ 90 days = 1.91kL average daily usage.

This average daily usage is higher than the tier 1 allocation of 0.548kL per day, so we know there will be some water charged at the tier 2 rate.

To work out how much water is charged at tier 1, we need to multiply the 0.548kL allocation by the number of days on the bill.

- 0.548kL x 90 days = 49.32kL

This is then charged at the tier 1 rate. We will use the pricing in this invoice example, current pricing can be found in the schedule of charges

- 49.32kL x $2.48 = $122.31

We then need to calculate how much water will be charged at the tier 2 rate. We first need to subtract the water already charged at tier 1 from the total consumption

- 172kL total consumption – 49.32kL at tier 1 = 122.68kL

This remaining water is then charged at the tier 2 rate

- 122.68kL x $4.99 = $612.17

Add the tier 1 and tier 2 costs together for total consumption charges.

- $122.31 + $612.17 = $734.48 total consumption charges

Change of ownership. I just bought a property, do I need to contact you to get an account established in my name?

You do not need to apply for a water and sewerage account as you may with many of your other services. Icon Water will be notified of your property purchase from the Land Titles Office. So, if you are moving house there is one less thing you need to do! Once the account has been set up you will receive welcome information from us which includes useful information, including how to sign up for email bills and online account management.

My first account included a debt from the previous property owner. Why am I being charged for them?

As the water and sewerage account is linked to the title of a property, when you purchase a property, you also inherit any debt or credit on the water and sewerage account. Any such amounts are captured in the conveyancing process and the settlement amount should be adjusted accordingly. During the settlement process, your solicitor will generally make sure that any consumption that has occurred prior to your purchase is apportioned between the seller and the new property owner by requesting a special meter reading.

How will you manage personal information relating to my account?

We respect the privacy of our customers. We will use your personal information to support the provision of your water and sewerage services. Our Privacy Policy sets out how we collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information.

Do I need to inform Icon Water if the number of flushing fixtures at our premises changes?

Yes. We need to be informed of any changes to the number of flushing fixtures on a property so we can bill you correctly. You can let us know of any changes here.

What if you over charge me?

If we find that you have been overcharged, you will be credited any overpayment back to your water and sewerage account. If this places your account in credit, you may organise for these funds to be returned to your nominated cheque or savings account.

How long do I have to pay my account?

The due date is included on each account and will be at least 21 days after the date we issue the account.

We have a number of flexible payment arrangements, so you can choose a option that is right for you. It is important that if you are having trouble paying your account you talk to us so we can discuss options and payment arrangements on 6248 3111 (option 2). You can also request additional time to pay online

How regularly will you bill me?

Icon Water bill customers on a quarterly basis and we are required to ensure our customers are billed at least every 120 days.. In some circumstances accounts may be delayed if for example we have difficulty accessing a meter.

What is Icon Water's relationship with ActewAGL Retail?

We have a close partnership with ActewAGL. Icon Water contracts ActewAGL Retail to manage billing and credit functions on our behalf. In some circumstance when you contact us you may be talking to an ActewAGL staff member who is representing Icon Water.

I own a vacant block of land, why am I receiving a water and sewerage account?

Icon Water charges for water and sewerages supply from the date of settlement. Generally, the water and sewerage mains are laid and available for your plumber to connect into prior to construction. These charges relate to the availability of these services regardless of whether or not your premise is yet to be physically connected. During construction, your plumber will install a water meter to track your water usage. Following meter installation your account will also include consumption charges.

I rent, will I receive a water and sewerage account?

Icon Water’s account holder will always be the property owner. In some circumstances the owner (or landlord) may seek to recover the cost of water and sewerage services from the tenant, however Icon Water are not part of this arrangement. Any intent to recover these costs would generally be detailed in the rental agreement or contract.