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Permanent water conservation measures, rules for using water sensibly in your home, garden and business

Permanent Water Conservation Measures


There are rules around when and how you use drinking water in Canberra and Queanbeyan. These rules are called our Permanent Water Conservation Measures.

These measures apply when temporary water restrictions are not in force, although they are similar to Stage 1 temporary restrictions in other regions.

The Measures are mandatory and enforceable, and penalties (fines) may apply under the Utilities (Water Conservation) Regulation 2006.



Sharing the Permanent Water Conservation Measures 

You can help by sharing these measures with friends and family in person and online. Check out this page for an overview of all the places you can find us talking about water conservation in 2020 and download a copy of the A4 Permanent Water Conservation Measures poster.


Exemptions to these Permanent Water Conservation Measures 

In general, exemptions are not permitted unless customers can demonstrate serious detriment from the application of the Scheme of Water Conservation Measures or a particular stage of restrictions. Icon Water reserves the right to vary or revoke exemptions at any time. More information about exemptions.  


How water restrictions work in the ACT and Queanbeyan

The ACT currently has a four stage scheme of Water Restrictions which is put in place when water supplies are scarce and reductions in water use required. The scarcer our water supplies are, the higher the level of restrictions needed in order to help conserve the water in our dams.  

Decisions on water restrictions are made by considering available water supplies, weather forecasts, consumption rates and other factors. 


For further information or advice please contact Icon Water on 02 6248 3111. 

Translations - To speak to someone in a language other than English please call the Telephone Interpreter Service (TIS) 13 14 50.