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Our fleet

Our fleet

Icon Water has a fleet of over 130 vehicles, many of which are highly specialised to ensure a wide range of water and sewerage services can be effectively delivered to our community across Canberra and surrounding regions. These vehicles are essential in navigating and accessing assets such as dams, pump stations and pipelines and at times this requires work in remote locations.


To ensure the safety of our staff and the efficiency of the services we provide, every Icon Water vehicle has been connected to a Fleet Management system which tracks a vehicle’s location and driver behaviour characteristics such as speeding, heavy breaking and swerving. GPS capability within Icon Water vehicles also serves to improve the security and safety of our staff, particularly lone and isolated workers through features such as an “emergency” assistance button. Vehicle maintenance is also managed through this system. Our Fleet Management system can also be used to optimally assign work to the nearest available Icon Water service vehicle and will ultimately be integrated with our works management systems.  

For enquiries please email or talk to us on 02 6248 3111 (option 3).


 Walter the truck - fleet icon water

 Icon Water trucks have all been named after iconic people who have helped shape Canberra,.This is Walter, named after Walter Burley Griffin.